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Salesforce + FormAssembly – Future Covenant

Salesforce + FormAssembly

FormAssembly is a very flexible online form builder solution which easily connects to Salesforce for sending and receiving data, effectively creating a bridge between your website and your CRM.

With FormAssembly’s “everything can be done” approach, dynamic forms with complex logic can be built that can handle anything from multiple objects with relationships to uploading attachments.

Future Covenant has extensive experience in this field, delivering several solutions from contact forms and request forms to purchase orders and invoices.

With FormAssembly we can create responsive forms with built-in data validation, step-by-step guidance, showing/hiding sections based on the user’s choices and create or update the respective fields and objects in Salesforce. The forms can be hosted on Formassembly or your own server where it can be integrated with ASP.NET or PHP.

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