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Salesforce Customization – Future Covenant

Salesforce Customization

Making Salesforce Yours

One of the most awesome features of Salesforce is that it can be easily extended and changed to support your day-to-day operations. From creating new objects and fields to store your data, to setting up relationships and workflows, Salesforce can be customized without any coding.

Validation rules ensure your data is consistent, while workflows and the Process Builder let you design automated actions based on that data – from sending emails to updating other fields and records. And dashboards and reports allow you to visualize and understand that data.

Future Covenant can help you getting started with Salesforce, customize it the way you need so you will have a fully functional and familiar workflow

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WordPress Integration

WordPress is the most popular content creation tool in the world – nearly 20% of all websites. Capturing prospects and converting them to leads is one of the ways Salesforce can be integrated with WP, which can also handle user subscription, billing and management through its rich set of plugins.

Future Covenant can setup uni- and bi-directional sync between Salesforce and WordPress, effectively transferring all your work over to Salesforce which functions as your central workplace.

Moreover, in case you have several websites, the sync can allow you to manage all of them from the same spot.

Apex and Lightning

For more complex tasks, coding will be eventually needed. The new Lightning environment is great but currently lacks a few of the features offered in Salesforce Classic. Also, a few of the old admin hacks do not work anymore in Lightning.

As Future Covenant has extensive experience in this field, there are no barriers for us. We can create efficient, reusable classes and components to tweak the system to its max and create the procedures and integrations you need.


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