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Augmented Intelligence – Future Covenant

Augmented Intelligence

AI – Work Smarter

“AI is the new electricity. Just as 100 years ago electricity transformed industry after industry, AI will now do the same”

Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Baidu Research

Augmented Intelligence is the technology of 2018, doing more to change how we live and work than any technology since the internet. AI not only provides insight; it also predicts what will happen next and will hint you on the best actions to take. It can resolve before they even happen. It can offer personalized experiences like never before. And it can free up your time and make you work only on the cases that matter most.

Future Covenant excels in Einstein: the AI technology for Salesforce. Besides being seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, it also provides a comprehensive set of APIs to link Einstein to your external resources, thus making Einstein smarter. From e-commerce to emails, Einstein’s rich set of tools can increase your productivity by simplifying your tasks.

What We Offer

Future Covenant can get you started in any of these:

Einstein Prediction

Discover the trends and make the best recommendations for upsells and crosssells

Einstein Sentiment

Detect if a sentence is positive, negative or neutral, allowing you to know which cases have higher priority or importance

Einstein Chatbots

Customer Service burdeon can be decreased by 30%, allowing customers to receive instant answers for small, everyday issues while making your staff more productive

Einstein Intent

Detect keywords from long sentences, converting them to actionable tasks that can even be automated

Einstein Vision

Recognize and classify pictures. Great for “Visual listening”, such as if your brand logo is appearing on social media, or what are the trending products people share in your industry

Don’t Fall Behind – Add AI to Your Company Now!

As the saying goes;

In the past, a lot of CEOs wished they had started thinking sooner about their Internet strategy. Soon there will be a number of CEOs that will wish they’d started thinking earlier about their AI strategy.

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