SuiteCRM For Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creation

Sapphire Makeup and Hair Creations is a service based business that contracts hair & makeup artists to complete services for special events, Australia-wide. Sapphire has an array of skilled artists who boast extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of hair and makeup design.


Sapphire’s bookings process consisted of 3 main programs, EQMS for enquiry, Teamup for contractor calendar, and MS Excel for a very primitive booking system.
Sapphire required an all-in-one program/software designed specifically for its business to replace the 3 existing applications. Sapphire asked for a solution to be free flowing from the initial customer inquiry through to allocating booked jobs to individual contractors. The solution should also be capable of incorporating a full contractor schedule calendar/tracker.
Since the program supposed to be the heart of Sapphire’s business and it was planned to operate by 20+ franchisees and 50+ contractors, simplicity and an innovative and friendly user interface were a must.
Sapphire also asked for integrating the application with its accounting software, if possible.


We studied Sapphire’s business processes by reviewing several documents provided to us. We also reviewed Sapphire’s booking sheets in order to get familiar with its business workflow.
We developed SuiteCRM for Sapphire, keeping in mind that Sapphire planned to extend its business in the near future. In our plan, we tried to develop a robust core application with a great emphasis on scalability and extensibility in near future.
To deliver a fully automated system we broke down Sapphire’s SuiteCRM project into several phases. At the first phase, we concentrated on providing based modules and core functionalities. This was to guarantee that the CRM was capable growing as Sapphire’s business grew.
At the second phase, we concentrated in automating business processes by adding different workflows. We integrated Sapphire’s online booking through its website with backend SuiteCRM by providing a plugin for the website to save online booking and inquiries into SuiteCRM.
We also automate invoice creation by providing a simple flow of converting bookings to vendor bill and customer invoices.

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