SuiteCRM for Pure Cremation

A cremation service company was looking for a data base to manage its business’s workflow. The company had 5 employees, some of whom were family members. The business was growing with the expectation of expanding to 20 employees in the next six months.


Once I read his requirements, I realized that he needs a CRM to manage his contracts and have an organized workflow.
The business had barely any standard processes. It was pretty obvious that growth would not be possible without a proper base to manage communications with its customers, employees, governmental institutions and etc.


Since there was no proper business process, we had to review company forms and create a business process and workflow. There were many forms for services, Inquiries, Suppliers, Service requests …
Forms were reviewed and several interviews were made with the client before a design plan was finalized.
The next step was creation of several modules. We used form data to create proper fields in different modules.
This project was implemented in several separate phases. The first phase involved creating business functionalities in SuiteCRM. In the next phase we created several work flows to automate business processes. These workflows helped the client to monitor and promote business opportunities in its sales pipeline.
The client used to miss his clients’ follow ups for not having a proper system. Now the client is able to monitor states of all opportunities and follow ups in an informative and intuitive customized dashboard.
We are currently working on integration of SuiteCRM with a web fleet application. This integration to SuiteCRM will enable the client to have control over his drivers, right from the CRM. He can also capture clients’ signatures and spontaneously save them in the CRM.