SuiteCRM For MGB Services

MGB is a service delivery company. It was using spreadsheets to track customer records.
Since the company was a growing business, the spreadsheet didn’t comply with demands. The client asked for an online CRM solution. We managed to design the client’s CRM based on open source SuiteCRM. The Spreadsheets were the only source of reference for our design.


After reviewing the client’s information and requirements, we prepared the design plan mentioning required modules to be created and fields to be added to the CRM modules.
We had several back and forth discussions with the client to reach the final design plan.


After completion of this phase, we created a customer portal so that the clients could have access to the CRM. The clients can create accounts in SuiteCRM via the portal and associate users to an account.
Customers were able to login to the portal, view their sites, maintenance jobs, contracts and engineers’ reports related to each site.
The main challenge in this project was migration from spread sheets to a standard CRM system. The data was scattered and often inaccurate. Fields were not properly organized, and it was hard to organize the fields in proper modules. We had to enter thousands of records which were created manually in spread sheets for years with many mistakes in the developed modules in SuiteCRM.
At the end, we created a clean and organized customer data management system, which helped the client to have automated business processes.